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Reliable RV Motor Home Repair in Avon Park, FL

At Stewart Mobile Village we treat every customer with dignity and respect, and we approach our RV repairs the same way. We perform unmatched RV motor home repair because we know your RV Is more than just a vehicle. It is your home. We offer a variety of services that allow us to repair both the outside and inside of your RV. We repair engine components, exterior components, and offer repair and installation of recreational vehicle appliances. With parking available on our lot, we welcome all of our customers to stick around for a bit and see what makes Stewart Mobile Village and Avon Lake so special.

Services We Provide

  • Help with Insurance Claims
  • Travel Trailer & 5th Wheel Towing
  • Control Board Testing
  • Fiberglass & Body Repairs
  • Propane For Sale
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Brake System Repairs
  • Tune-Ups
  • RV Oil and Lube Changes
  • AC / Heating Systems
  • Installation / Repair of RV Appliances
  • Awning Installation
  • Rood Re Sealing & New Roofs
  • AC/DC Electrical Repairs
  • LP Gas Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Generators
  • Water Heaters
  • Waste Systems
  • Fresh Water Systems
  • Motor Home Structural Coach Repairs
  • RV Sales & Consignments

Our Most Requested Recreational Vehicle Repairs

  • Fiberglass & Body Repairs

    Fiberglass & Body Repairs

    Life on the road can be tough and dents, scratches, and scrapes are inevitable when you own an RV. If you are unlucky, an accident may also damage the exterior of your RV. Stewart's Mobile Village is able to offer fiberglass work and body repair to restore the exterior of your RV to its previous condition. We can do amazing work that results in years falling off your RV in just a few hours. If your RV is starting to look a bit dated or was involved in an accident, bring it down to Stewart Mobile and let our experienced RV mechanics work their magic.

  • Brake System Repairs

    Brake System Repairs

    Your brake system is responsible for keeping you safe on the road, but over time it will wear down because of repeated use. There is no avoiding brake replacement on an RV, but it's a simple task if you allow Stewart's Mobile Village to handle it. We can assess your entire brake system while replacing your pads and make sure that your rotors and drums are in good shape. Delaying a brake system check and repair can lead to larger problems, so make sure to contact Stewart's Mobile Village and let us help before the tell-tale squealing starts.

  • RV Oil and Lube Changes

    RV Oil and Lube Changes

    The oil in your RV is responsible for lubricating your entire engine. If you do not have your RV oil changed on a regular basis then you risk serious and expensive damage to your RV. While not everyone can handle RV motor home repair, at Stewart Mobile Village it is our specialty. We have RVDA technicians on staff and are happy to change your oil and inspect your vehicle to make sure everything else is in good shape. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road, so we don't have to see you back in our shop for breakdown RV repair.

  • Installation / Repair of RV Appliances

    Installation / Repair of RV Appliances

    RV motorhomes come with their own challenges, some of which include the household appliances inside of them. Recreational vehicle appliances have special consideration, sizing, and customized electrical and/or propane hookups to account for. Our fully trained and experienced RV motor home repair technicians are able to tackle any appliance inside of any RV. We also are an authorized warranty service center for almost all of the leading RV manufacturers, so if you have an appliance wear out while still in warranty bring it down to the shop and we will take a look.

  • Motor Home Structural Coach Repairs

    Motor Home Structural Coach Repairs

    Your motor home is your home on wheels, so you want it to be presentable at the RV park and while out on the road. We offer a full suite of motor home structural coach repairs which include windshield replacement, remodeling, upgrades, fiberglass repair, scratch repair, and more. Whether you need collision repair that extends to the frame and body of your RV or just need some hail dents pressed out, our experienced Stewart Mobile Village mechanics can help.

  • RV Sales & Consignments

    RV Sales & Consignments

    Thinking about upgrading your RV? We offer both RV sales and consignments making us a one-stop-shop for the savvy RV buyer. Stewart Mobile Village has a wide range of both new and used RV's for sale for you to choose from. We are also able to take secondhand RVs on a consignment basis. We will place your RV on our lot and when it sells offer you a check for it. Plus, as an RV motorhome repair shop, we can offer you advice on how to spruce up your RV to get the highest possible asking point.